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Coalesse offers DesignTex, Maharam and Steelcase in our graded-in program. (Limited Luna patterns also graded in.)
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Chord and 4 o'clock with urethane arms will not pass CAL133.

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Coalesse is pleased to provide this information. However, even after preliminary approval, Coalesse reserves the right to reject fabrics/leathers when necessary if the quality or construction is not satisfactory for the item it is intended for use on. Coalesse reserves the right to evaluate data daily and make any necessary changes or improvements to the information provided. Textile recommendations do not imply a warranty for the textiles. The textile manufacturer provides all warranties for textiles. All trademarks and trade names are the property of the different manufacturers. The fabric direction listed in the Coalesse fabric database is the direction recommended by Coalesse and may not be the same as the vendor recommended application direction. Please specify your direction on your purchase order. All pricing quotes for product should be obtained from your local Sales Representative or a Coalesse Customer Service Representative. Textile vendors may sell textiles in only ¼, ½, or full yard increments and these requirements are not considered in yardage quotations provided and will be reflected on final product purchases. Recommendations such as backing and CAL 133 will require additional cost and may require additional lead-time. All specifications are subject to change without notice. For optional textile treatments please contact Coalesse at 1-800-627-6770 to determine if your textile has been approved. A sample may be required with treatment for evaluation. Optional treatments will involve additional charges, may involve minimum yardage requirements, and may impact General pass/fail results, CAL133 results and overall lead-times. One or more yard of additional fabric will be required per treated textile.